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Burials in Sunnyside Cemetery have been increasing over the last several years. Being surrounded by National Parks and a farm expansion might not be possible.  Sunnyside Cemetery is centrally located near the center of Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve. One part of the Reserve's mission statement is to protect the area and leave our historical farms in place. Expansion is discouraged.

In order to preserve land the feasibility of installing a columbarium for cremations was studied by the cemetery commissioners in 2011.  
Two columbariums were installed that same year.  Each one has 48 niches. The emplacement is designed for two more columbariums to be installed in the future.

The columbariums fit into our historical cemetery quite well with carved bench support legs and colors to match the area.  The columbarium is built entirely of marble, including the interior niches.  The niches are of a size so that two urns may be enclosed if the purchaser so desires.  Rules and regulations will be enforced to maintain the solemn integrity of this beautiful addition to Sunnyside Cemetery.

Ebey Columbarium Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations will be enforced to maintain the solemn
 integrity of this beautiful addition to our cemetery.

1.  Purchase of  Sunnyside Columbarium niches gives purchaser the right to placement of cremations in same. Actual ownership of niche structure, including granite shutter, remains in control of Island County Cemetery District #2.

2.  Inscriptions with names and dates is required and will be done in the font, size and color set forth by and under the direction of Sunnyside Cemetery District #2.   
A maximum of two inscriptions are allowed on the shutter.  Veteran information and a veteran bronze medallion are pemitted.  Veteran medallions are not furnished by the cemetery district but will be attached at no charge by the cemetery.  Photos are not permitted.  All inscriptions will be approved by the cemetery sexton or his or her designated employee.

3.  The placing in niches of any objects except urns and human cremains therein is prohibited and the Sunnyside Cemetery District #2 reserves the right to refuse placement of urns in niches that, in its judgement, are not proper or fitting.  No perishable materials may be used for urns. 

4.  Up to two cremations may be placed in one niche.  Niches shall be opened only under the direction of the cemetery sexton or his or her designated employee.

5.  Niches may be purchased either pre-need or at-need.  Niche purchase does not include the cost of cremation, urns or engraving.

Decoration size must not infringe on the space of other niches.

No objects of any kind, cards, notes or decorations may be placed on the niche front, except tempororarily for special occasions.

Artificial flowers are allowed only during the non-growing season, November through March.

Holiday or special occasion decorations, such as birthdays or anniversaries are allowed. Such decorations shall be removed after the special occasion or at the discretion of the cemetery sexton or his designated employee.

Sunnyside Cemetery reserves the right to remove any decorations that violate the rules and guidelines described in this document.

Vandalism of cemetery property is a gross misdemeanor per the Washington State Administrative Code (WAC) 68.60.040, Protection of Cemeteries-properties.

First Draft - June 12, 2011
Approved, July 2011

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