Pricing Information



Acquire a gravesite (a physical space of land with title) or a Columbarium Niche (also with title)
(Simply contact the Sexton on the Office Contact Page, after reading Step Two below)

Decide which kind of burial, Full, Cremation, or Green (no coffin)

Actual Burial Open/Close at time of burial

The prices below help you understand the costs of each type of burial. The cost of the gravesite space or niche is added to the other costs noted for each burial type. Below that are the rules and regulations about burials that the cemetery wants you to know and understand before any burial takes place. Take note that cremation, urns, funeral services, headstones and inscriptions are not included.
(Revised and updated website 1-12--2024)


Cremation Spaces
Cremation Spaces - $1,172.00
Cremation Open/Close - $732.00
Cremation Open/Close with Vault - $928.00

Top Two Rows - $1,953.75
Bottom Two Rows - $1,660.00
Second Open/Close - $292.00

Full Gravesites
Full Grave Spaces - $2,441.00
Full Opening/Closing - $2,832.00
Full Grave Liners $735.00 + $64.68 Tax

Green Burials
Grave Space - $2,441.00
Opening/Closing - $2,832.00
Because green burial sites sink over time and require filling, a one time
Green Maintenance Fee $860.00

Certificate of Ownership Transfer Fee
Grave Space - $50.00 (per space)
Columbarium Niche - $50.00 (per space)

Tent Set Up $300.00

Sunday Burial $200.00

Pricing 2024 PDF file

Headstone - Marker Setting Fees 2024 PDF file

Basic Operating Rules & Regulations

  1. Purchase of Sunnyside Columbarium niches gives purchaser the right to placement of cremations in same. Actual ownership of niche structure, including granite shutter, remains in control of Cemetery District #2.
  2. Columbarium inscriptions with names and dates are required and will be done in the font, size and color set forth by and under the direction of Sunnyside Cemetery District #2. A maximum of two inscriptions are allowed on the shutter. Veteran information and a veteran bronze medallion are permitted. Veteran medallions are not furnished by the cemetery district but will be attached at no charge by the cemetery. Photos are not permitted. All inscriptions will be approved by the cemetery sexton or his or her designated employee (see attachment A).
  3. The placing of any objects in niches except urns and human cremains therein is prohibited and the Sunnyside Cemetery District #2 reserves the right to refuse placement of urns in niches that, in its judgement, are not proper or fitting. No perishable materials may be used for urns.
  4. Up to two cremations may be placed in one niche. Niches shall be opened only under the direction of the cemetery sexton or his or her designated employee.
  5. Niches may be purchased either pre-need or at-need. Niche purchase does not include the cost of cremation, urns or engraving.

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