Locate a Burial

Search by name to find either a gravesite or a space within the columbarium.

Info on Finding a Burial

The actual GPS location used in our cemetery is collected by volunteers using cell phone technology. The GPS coordinates collected are NOT survey grade. The burial that you seek will probably within 10 feet of the coordinated provided.

What if no map is drawn for the burial you seek? That means that no GPS data was collected and it most likely could mean no headstone or grave marker exists. The cemetery tries to gather this kind of data when burials take place and headstones and markers are put into place.

If you do not have any way to access GPS mapping you can use our cemetery maps page to find a grave. The data is listed for each graves if known by section/lot, block, and space. Refer to the maps page and click on the block noted for a grave to begin the search.

The list below is sorted by death date. When you search for a name (sometimes you will only need a few letters), a list of names will appear below the search input line. Click on the person you are looking for. That will take you to the detail of that burial.

Search by Name

Start typing the name you are searching for below. As you type, the list will get shorter. As the list gets shorter you should be able see the name you are searching for, so you can stop typing and click on that name in the list. You can type in the surname, given name, or combine a surname, a comma, a given name eg "Smith, Joseph" (Always include a comma after the surname if you do this).