Veterans Information

Vetrals Gravestone

Numerous veterans are buried in Sunnyside Cemetery. Before Memorial Day weekend the American Legion of Oak Harbor walks Sunnyside Cemetery and places an American flag on each grave marked as a veteran. If the monument does not show the deceased as a veteran they will not receive a flag unless family members or friends place it on the grave. The Sunnyside Cemetery Board requires all new burials to be marked by a memorial monument. It is important to add their service information. If they are a veteran a monument (tombstone) may be acquired from the Department of Veterans Affairs, at no cost.

The Board of Sunnyside Cemetery has gone the extra mile to assure that veterans are recognized. A major project, which was accomplished, was to place Civil War monuments on all graves recognized as Civil War Veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will not furnish monuments for those who have a tombstone but are not marked as a veteran prior to November 1, 1990. If they are buried after that date they will furnish a veteran monument at no cost. A monument, tombstone or marker will be furnished only if the remains are buried at a specific land site. Those who are buried at sea, have ashes scattered or donated to science are not eligible. Sunnyside Cemetery does allow memorial markers but a cremain site must be purchased.

The Veterans Administration has several monument choices including marble, granite, or bronze. The Department of Veterans Affairs also offers brass medallions that may be put on existing monuments. They come in three different sizes, 1 1/2, 3, or 5 inches. They have different medallions for different branches of the service.

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