Basic Operating Rules and Regulations


Winter view

Section 1. Burial Permits & Markers: A burial permit and temporary or permanent marker is required for each interment and all burial permits must be filed with the cemetery sexton. ​

Section 2. Cremains: The spreading of cremains above ground in the cemetery is strictly prohibited. All cremations shall be below ground level. More than one cremation is allowed in a burial site but there must be adequate space for grave markers. Cremations may be buried with or without a vault or liner. The sexton must be notified and the grave excavation must be done by the sexton or his designee. ​

Section 3. Vaults: All interments, except cremains, must be made in cement liners or vaults or steel vaults. The cement liners shall be made according to the specifications designed by the sexton and no other liner shall be used. No more than one liner or vault shall be used in a single grave site. This also applies to cremation vaults and liners. ​

Section 3-A. Green Burials: Green burials, sometimes called natural burials, are allowed at the discretion of the sexton in all sections of the cemetery except cremation plots (spaces). The remains may be in a biodegradable cloth shroud. If any type of box (coffin) is used a concrete liner is required. The remains may not be embalmed. The grave for green burials must be at least four feet deep. ​

Section 4. Tombs: No individual tombs shall be erected above ground. ​

Section 5. Foundations: All monuments require a foundation. All foundations for monuments must extend four inches beyond the base of the monument on all sides; said foundation shall be six inches deep and must be installed flush with ground level. The charge of installation the foundation shall be the expense of the owner. Building up with spalls, etc., will not be permitted. ​

Section 6. Trees and Shrubs: The indiscriminate planting of trees and shrubs in the cemetery shall not be allowed. It shall be the duty of the sexton to have all objectionable features in the landscape removed: the determination of what is objectionable shall be at the discretion of the sexton. If trees and shrubs in any lots become detrimental to adjacent lots or avenues, or for any other reason in the opinion of the sexton, the sexton shall remove them on an order from the commissioners of said district. If any disease or pest shall invest any tree, plant or shrub on any lot or grave, the sexton may prune or remove it. ​

Section 7. Structures: Fences, posts, chains and all wooden structures about lots, blocks or graves are prohibited. If any inscription, monument, effigy or structure which the sexton deems improper or offensive be placed on any lots or grave, the same shall be removed upon order of said sexton. No rocks or stones may be used as a ground-cover for a burial lot. ​

Section 8. Receptacles & Artificial Flowers: Receptacles for cut flowers must be sunk flush with the ground, thus ensuring the safety of such articles while facilitating the cutting of grass from the grave by cemetery personnel. Glass receptacles are strictly prohibited and artificial flowers are prohibited during the mowing season, April 1st - September 30th. ​

Section 9. Rubbish: All paper and other rubbish must be deposited by the persons responsible in a receptacle provided for that purpose. ​

Section 10. Historic Section of Cemetery: It is hereby resolved that the historic section of Sunnyside Cemetery shall be preserved and protected as a pioneer burying ground. The historic section includes the following areas: the unplatted areas originally known as the Ebey Graveyard (1865), the plats of Sunnyside Cemetery (1874), Valley View (1887), and First Addition to Valley View (1893); the structure known as the Davis Blockhouse (c.1853).* These areas encompass all of the area south of the Davis Blockhouse and the southernmost east-west gravel road. (For clarification of these historic areas, consult the overview map of Island County Cemetery District No. 2.) ​​

New burials will be allowed in the historic section unless said burials threaten the integrity of the existing monuments or grave lots. The final determination for allowing burials in the historic section will be at the discretion of the sexton. *Those planning to install a monument in the historic section that exceeds a height of twelve inches above the ground must submit a description and drawing of said monument to the Board prior to installing it. The Cemetery Board reserves the right to prohibit the installation of any monument or burial lot embellishment that they deem incompatible with the character of this portion of Sunnyside so described in paragraph one, Section 10. ​

Section 11. Vandalism: Any act(s) of vandalism performed to any portion of Sunnyside Cemetery shall result in the cemetery board prosecuting said vandal(s) to the full extent of the law pursuant to RCW 68.56.010: Unlawful damage to graves, markers, shrubs, etc. The cemetery board shall also seek full restitution for any unlawful acts pursuant to RCW 68.56.020: Civil liability for damage.


Section 1.Purchase of Sunnyside Columbarium niches gives purchaser the right to placement of cremations in same. Actual ownership of niche structure, including granite shutter, remains in control of Cemetery District #2.

Section 2. Inscriptions with names and dates are required and will be done in the font, size and color set forth by and under the direction of Sunnyside Cemetery District #2. A maximum of two inscriptions are allowed on the shutter. Veteran information and a veteran bronze medallion are pemitted. Veteran medallions are not furnished by the cemetery district but will be attached at no charge by the cemetery. Photos are not permitted. All inscriptions will be approved by the cemetery sexton or his or her designated employee (see attachment A).

Section 3. The placing in niches of any objects except urns and human cremains therein is prohibited and the Sunnyside Cemetery District #2 reserves the right to refuse placement of urns in niches that, in its judgement, are not proper or fitting. No perishabe materials may be used for urns.

Section 4. Up to two cremations may be placed in one niche. Niches shall be opened only under the direction of the cemetery sexton or his or her designated employee.

Section 5.Niches may be purchased either pre-need or at-need. Niche purchase does not include the cost of cremation, urns or engraving. ​